General Tips


In standby mode, press

  • up key or down key for the names and phone numbers saved in Contacts
  • left key to write a message
  • right key to access the Calendar

During a call, press right key to increase and left key to decrease the earpiece volume.

To open a connection to Internet quickly, press and hold zero key in standby mode. Check the settings for browsing here.

Adjusting volume

If you want to adjust the volume during your phone conversation, press left key or right key.

Calling your voice mailbox

To call your voice mailbox (network service) in standby mode, press and hold key one, or press key one and call key.

Adding a voice mailbox number

Press Menu in standby mode, and select Messages and Voice messages. Select Voice mailbox number to save the number of your voice mailbox or Listen to voice messages to call it.

Diverting a call to a voice mailbox

If the Divert if busy function is activated to divert the calls, for example to your voice mailbox, rejecting an incoming call will also divert the call. You'll find call diverting from Settings > Call settings > Call divert.

Setting up speed dials

If you want to assign a number to one of the speed dial keys, select Contacts > Speed dials. You may assign a contact's phone number to keys 2 to 9. Key key one is reserved for the voice mailbox.

Accessing a menu function with a shortcut number

The menus, submenus and setting options are numbered. This shortcut number is shown at the top right of the display. Press Menu in standby mode. Within two seconds, key in the shortcut number of the main menu you want to open. Repeat this for the submenu and setting option.

Changing profiles

To change the profile quickly in standby mode, press the power key and select the profile you want to activate.

Quick save

In standby mode, enter the phone number. Press Options and select Save. Enter the name, press OK and Done.

Calling back

When a note about missed calls is displayed, press List to access the list of phone numbers. Scroll to the number you would like to call back and press call key.

Calling a recently dialed number

To redial one of the last ten phone numbers you have called or attempted to call, press call key once in standby mode, scroll to the phone number or name you want, and press call key.

Changing between lines

In standby mode you can switch from one line to the other by pressing and holding hash key.

Currency conversion

You can also make currency conversions in standby mode. Enter the amount to be converted, press Options and select In domestic or In foreign.

Sending a business card

You can easily send a business card to another Nokia phone. Select the business card you want to send and press Details. Press Options and select Send bus. card > Via text message. Then enter the recipient's phone number and select OK.

Lock code

You can set a lock code to your phone to prevent unauthorized use of your phone. Select Tools > Settings > Security settings > Phone and SIM. The lock code contains five digits and the default setting is "12345".

Navigating in Calendar

To scroll day by day through the notes list, press left key or right key. To scroll note by note through the day notes, pressleft key or right key.


There’s an automatic keyguard in your Nokia 3120 phone. To activate the automatic keyguard, go to Settings > Phone settings > Automatic keyguard. You may also set the delay when the keyguard activates.

Keypad lock (Keyguard)

You can lock the keypad to prevent the keys from being pressed accidentally. To lock the keypad, press Menu in standby mode and then star key quickly.

Call summary

You can set your Nokia 3210 to show the duration of the phone call after you have ended the call. This is a very handy tool if you need to control your phone bills, for example. Go to Settings > Call settings > Summary after call and select On.

Version number of software

Enter *#0000# to your Nokia 3120 phone to get the version number of the device's software.