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Ringing Tones
Someone’s phone is ringing. How do you know it's yours?

You have three different ways to make your Nokia 2300 phone sound like yours: use one of the pre-installed ringing tones, download new tones, or compose your own tones.

Polyphonic tones

Five of the pre-installed ringing tones are polyphonic. Polyphonic tones enable richer ringing tones with a wide variety of sounds. Multiple different tones can be playing at the same time, using different pre-defined instrument sounds: piano, violin, drums etc.

Click on the icons below to hear the polyphonic tones.
Download ringing tones

Many operators and service providers offer you the possibility of downloading ringing tones as an OTA service. This means that the new tone comes into your phone over the air, as a message. After you get the message, you must save the tune.

See for downloadable ringing tones and logos and follow the instructions given there.

Set a ringing tone
  1. Press Menu, and select Tones and Ringing tone.
  2. Scroll with up and down arrow keys to listen to the tones.
  3. Select the tone by pressing Select.

Can I recognize who is calling by the ringing tone?

Polyphonic tones are not downloadable.
Yes, you can. Select special ringing tones for your loved ones by pressing Menu, select Contacts and then Assign tone. Polyphonic tones are in proprietary format and are not downloadable.
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