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Tone Settings

To make the tone settings, press Menu and select Tones.

In this menu, you can change the settings of the currently selected profile.

  • Ringing tone: Sets the tone that you hear when you receive a call.
  • Ringing volume: Sets the volume level for the ringing and message alert tones.
  • Incoming call alert: Defines how the phone notifies you of incoming voice calls. For example, when Off is selected, the phone stays silent when you receive a call and is shown in standby mode.
  • Message alert tone: Sets the tone that you hear when you receive a text message.
  • Keypad tones: Sets the volume for keypad tones.
  • Warning tones: Sets the phone to sound tones, e.g. when the battery is running out of power.
  • Vibrating alert: Sets the phone to vibrate when you receive a call or a text message.
  • Rhythmic backlight alert: Sets the backlights of the phone to flash in the rhythm of the selected ringing tone or message alert tone.

    The vibrator does not operate when the phone is connected to a charger or a desktop stand.
Can I switch off the keypad tones? See also
Yes, you can. Go to Tones, select Keypad tones and select Off. Profiles
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